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Roof Maintenance Tips for Commercial Roof

Roof Maintenance Tips

Roof Maintenance Tips for Commercial Roof You Need to Know!

Every spring and fall, it is important to check your roof for any damage or problem areas. These problem areas could become major problems if left unchecked. However, by doing a few simple roofing maintenance tasks, you can extend the life of your roof. Here are a few of the best roof maintenance tips for your commercial and industrial roofing!

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1. Check your Shingles For Signs Of Wear And Tear Or Damage

  • In order to maintain your roof properly, you should check the shingles at least twice a year. You should also inspect them after severe storms to look for any signs of damage or problems. This is the most common cause of roof damage. Look out for damaged, missing or lifted shingles. This causes direct exposure to the sun and weather. Look out for curled shingles or buckled shingles. This can be caused from excessive heat in your attic. It can also put your roof’s ventilation at risk and cause weather damage.
  • Check for granules loss if you can get a good look at the shingles. If you notice a loss in texture, it could be a sign that your shingles were damaged by extreme weather conditions or that they have become old enough to need replacement.

2. Seal Any Cracks in the Mortar Around Joints on Your Roof.

  • Cracked mortar at the joints may be to blame for a leaking roof. Seal the area with a roof cement or low-grade caulk spread using a putty blade. Contact roofing professionals to perform a roof repair and seal the cracks.

3. If You Have Debris on Your Roof, Sweep It off or Clean It Up. 

This could lead to damaged shingles or mold growth.

  • One of the easiest and most important tips for commercial roof maintenance is to remove debris. Lettuce build up of debris can lead to mold and moss growth. These are the main causes of water damage, leaks, and cracks. The moss can cause asphalt shingles to curl, which increases the risk of them being blown off in bad weather.
  • You can pressure wash your roof to remove moss and algae. This will give you a clear, clean rooftop. If your roof has a lot of mold or mildew, and cracked shingles, this may be an indication that it needs to be resealed.

4. Cover and Clear Gutters to Allow Water to Drain.

  • You should also clean your gutters of debris such as leaves and twigs at least one time a year. The same goes for overhangs or downspouts. Installing downspouts and gutter covers can prevent your gutters from becoming clogged and requiring routine inspections.
  • Damaged or clogged gutters, downspouts and covers can lead to roof separation, rotting of wood and broken shingles. Clogged gutters can cause water back-ups that rot the fascia. If left untreated, these problems can lead to water damage, gaps and expensive repairs.
  • is one of the many reasons why commercial roofs leak. Maintaining your gutters will reduce the likelihood of leaks.

5. Trim Nearby Trees to Prevent Damage

  • Unmaintained trees near your home may be attractive, but they can pose a danger if not maintained. Squirrels and other animals can climb up your roof by climbing on branches and limbs near your house. Storms, high winds and age can all cause limbs on trees to break and damage your house.
  • Trim shrubs and landscaping when trimming trees. These plants can clog and block gutters, making them unable to drain properly.

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6. Remove Any Excess Snow That Could Lead To Roof Collapse and Weakening.

  • Ice dams can be caused by excessive snow accumulation on your roof. Ice dams can be described as ridges of solid, thick ice that accumulate on your building’s eaves. They can cause shingles to loosen and water accumulations. Water spots can appear on your ceiling, and you may even have cracked or warped walls due to excessive snow.
  • You can remove the snow from your roof by using a roof rake with a long handle that you can hold while safely standing on the ground. It will also allow you to change the temperature of the roof’s exterior without damaging its shingles.

7. Check Your Insulation to Ensure It’s in Good Condition.

  • Insulation keeps you cool in summer and prevents heat loss during winter. Insulation can prevent roof problems like ice dams, moisture accumulation and ice dams from occurring. When inspecting insulation, look for any damage caused by animals or leaks that may not be visible.
  • Installing proper insulation will save you money on heat loss. By inspecting the insulation to check for defects and damage, you can keep your building and roof at a comfortable temperature.

8. Seek Professionals.

A professional roofing maintenance service can keep your roof in top condition. While you can perform roof checks on your own, it is best to hire a roof checker . Roof problems are often overlooked by building owners until they have become visible. A commercial maintenance program will ensure that you are able to detect roof issues before they cause costly damage. Experts can spot wear and tear signs that are often overlooked. They will provide you with the best solutions to maintain the integrity of your roofing.

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