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TPO Roofing Systems

TPO Roofing Systems

Explore the durability and efficiency of TPO Roofing Systems with our comprehensive guide. TPO, or Thermoplastic Olefin, roofing offers a reliable solution for your roofing needs. The benefits of this advanced roofing material, known for its weather resistance, energy efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. Our user-friendly insights break down the key features of TPO roofing, highlighting its seamless installation and low maintenance requirements. Whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner, our guide aims to demystify TPO roofing, making it accessible and easy to understand.

TPO is a hybrid of EPDM, which has a low price tag, and PVC that is durable.

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TPO Roofing Systems Have Many Advantages.

Cost Effective

The cost of TPO is perhaps the most attractive feature. TPO is one of the most affordable membranes in the commercial roof market.

The initial cost of a TPO roof is attractive, especially in areas where capital budgets are tight.

Installation Flexibility

TPO systems are installed in a variety of ways, including mechanically, adhering, or ballasting, and Commercial Roof Services can handle all those works

TPO roofs are versatile and can be used on almost any building type in the US.

Accommodations “Settling”

TPO is a flexible thermoplastic membrane that can accommodate the “settling” of a building as well as its expansion or contraction with changing seasons and temperatures.

Energy Efficient

Reflectivity of TPO membranes is a key factor in determining the energy efficiency of commercial buildings.

TPO roofing is “cool,” resulting in lower summer utility bills. This occurs because the roof HVAC units do not have to work as hard, and less heat conducts into the building.

TPO membranes can also be recycled once they have served their purpose on the roof.

Durable and Resistant

TPO systems have a long lifespan. They are made in different thicknesses and have a scrim (industrial-fabric) reinforcement in the middle.

The membrane composition of TPO systems allows them to be resistant to punctures, impacts and tears. The membrane can also be treated to resist fungus.

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Easy to Install and Lightweight

The membrane is easy to install and lightweight. The 60-mil membrane is lightweight and weighs approximately four-tenths a pound per square foot. Install a new TPO roofing system on top of an existing roof without the need for an expensive tear-off that would disrupt building operations.

The local building codes, among other factors, will determine whether or not an “overlay” install can be done. It’s lightweight, flexible and easy to install on any roof.

TPO roofs are less expensive in terms of material costs than other options and have many benefits. However, you should consider a few factors before installing it on your commercial building.

Variable Formula

TPO formulations vary greatly from one manufacturer to the next. Some formulations have evolved over the years due to initial trial-and error attempts to combat cracking and other roof degradation.

It could pose a problem in the future if you need to patch or adapt your TPO roof for a new roof penetration. Even if the membranes are from the same company, the new TPO may not be compatible and weld properly.

In Prolonged Heat, This Is Not Ideal

Multiple independent studies have demonstrated in recent years that TPO membranes perform poorly in climates where temperatures are consistently high. Florida and southern states are warm throughout the year, and roofs can be hot for weeks or even days in summer.

This extreme heat reduces the life expectancy of the roof systems. Our commercial roof expert can explain this to you.

Installation of Narrow Temperature Window

The relatively small temperature range for welding to be effective during installation is another drawback of TPO formulation. Once installed properly, TPO can handle cold and snow. If you are installing a roof in winter, the cold temperatures can prevent membrane welding.

Restaurants May Not Be the Best Choice for You?

Avoid using TPO systems in restaurants or any facility that deposits grease or oily residues on their roofs. The membrane will absorb the oils and degrade over time. Some TPO warranties do not cover oil, grease, and other materials.

Why Choose TPO as Your Roofing System?

Commercial Roof Services, FL preferred roofing system is DuroLast. It’s membrane are made of PVC. Although it’s more expensive than TPO, Commercial Roof Services FL believes that this product offers greater value over time and better watertightness. Your cost will be lower with a TPO roof system. This is because of several factors.

The DuroLast system can prefabricate for the roof, reducing waste of materials and labor. PVC is more durable and will last longer on the roof in any climate. It is resistant to greasy exhaust from restaurants and other chemicals which can damage TPO membranes.

The new DuroLast Membrane will work with any existing roof and will not damage it.

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We are happy to help you choose the best roofing system for your facility by discussing the various options available.

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