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What is Commercial Roofing?

What is Commercial Roofing?

Commercial roofing is the installation of roofs on large commercial buildings, such as warehouses and businesses. Commercial roofs protect the contents of a business and its occupants from weather elements such as snow and rain.

Even minor leaks in a roof can cause costly repairs and disrupt the daily operation of a business.

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What Is the Difference Between Commercial and Residential Roofing?

Both commercial and residential roofing systems have the same basic function: to protect the interior of the building by blocking rain, hail and melting snow.

Residential and commercial products are different in terms of the materials used to manufacture and install them.

Commercial roofing systems are commonly made of single-ply (TPO (PVC, EPDM), modified bitumen (BUR), gravel, tar and concrete. The majority of commercial roofing systems are constructed over metal decking. However, some buildings use wood decking.

Asphalt shingles are used more than anything else in the Midwest to cover roofs.

The biggest difference between residential and commercial roofing is probably the size and area of the roof. A commercial roof is typically much bigger than a roof for a home.

Commercial roofs are not always flat. They also have more complex slopes and curves. This makes them more difficult to install and maintain.

They are also often constructed from heavier materials to be able to withstand more wear.

What are the differences in roofing materials for commercial and residential roofs

When it comes to common building materials, there is no single answer that fits all. Roof materials are available in a wide range of prices, lifespans, and applications.

Commercial Roofs

Commercial roofs are usually flat or almost flat membrane or metal structures. Residential roofs tend to be steeper, and they come in a variety of aesthetic options.

Experts in roofing are needed to handle either type of roof. They are able to give the best advice as to which material will be most suitable for each situation. It is particularly true for roofers who specialize in commercial roofing due to their technical nature and complexity.

Commercial Roof Services FL, is one of the most sought-after commercial roofing companies because they have a great reputation and employ highly skilled installers.

Residential Roofs

Asphalt shingles are the most popular residential roofing material in Minnesota. Asphalt shingles are cheaper than other roofing materials, and they come in many colors and styles. The materials are easier to install, and they do not require highly-skilled labor for commercial roofing.

Cedar shake roofing is another material that Minnesotans love. With proper maintenance, they can last decades and give a home a rich natural look. These are usually used in high-end homes because of their cost.

Residential metal roofs are becoming increasingly popular due to their durability and environmental advantages. Metal roofs are made of recycled materials and can last up to 50 years with minimal maintenance.

Metal roofs can be made to look like shingles, Spanish tiles, or wood shakes. This gives homeowners a durable design with a traditional appearance. However, they are one of the more expensive options for residential roofs, especially when you use exotic metals such as copper.

Residential roofs are typically built on plywood decking. The shingles will be attached using adhesive, nails or screws. Between the decking and shingles, a layer of felt paper is placed to add an extra layer of protection from leaks if moisture does get through.

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Commercial Roofers and Residential Roofing Contractors Have Different Skills

Both commercial and residential roofers share basic carpentry skills or mechanical knowledge, but their skill sets are generally different. Both are comfortable with heights.

Residential roofers are organized into crews trained to quickly re-roof houses. One crew can usually tear off the old roof, and then install a brand new roof for two homes per day. A larger crew can be split into tear-off teams and installation teams to allow a company to replace multiple roofs within a single day.

The complexity of commercial roof projects can vary greatly, and it may take several days to complete a project depending on the type and size of the building and roofing materials. Installers of commercial roofs are better equipped to handle large roofs that are more complex than residential roofs.

Also, they have experience with roofs of unusual shapes and materials. This can be very important for companies that need a roof unique to their business.

Commercial roofers have more experience in dealing with problems related to weather, like leaks and water damage. These roofers may have worked in more extreme weather conditions such as cold winters and hot summers, where residential roofing only occurs during the warmer months.

Commercial roofers are also more experienced in working on high-rise buildings that require special equipment for hoisting materials and equipment up to the roof surface.

What We Can Say?

Few people are aware of the differences between commercial and residential roofs. The roofs of the businesses that you visit are not as noticeable as the roofs on your own home. This is especially true if you live in a city with many high-rise buildings.

This blog post is intended to help you understand the uniqueness of commercial roofing. We should also mention that commercial roofing companies will not go door-to-door following a storm. This is something we leave to storm chasers.

We’d be happy to assist you, whether it’s a new roof or just a question about our Preventative Maintenance program.

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