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What to Do About Aged Metal Roofing

Aged metal roofing, if not repaired promptly, can lead to substantial repair and maintenance costs.

This blog will provide you insights and a guide to the different options that are available for revitalizing and restoring your aged metal roof. 

Metal Roof Repair & Alternative Options

New buildings are a great choice for metal roofing systems. They are durable, structurally sound and can withstand the elements. Metal roofs can develop issues as they age, such as missing fasteners and sealants, deterioration, and thermal movement. basic repair is not enough and a long-term investment will be needed

When deciding the best metal roofing solution, there are many factors to take into consideration, such as budget, severity of issues and the needs of your building. To help you make an educated decision, we will examine four different metal roofing options. Each option has its pros and cons.

  • Coating
  • Replace and Remove
  • Install metal panel retrofit system over the existing metal
  • Install Single-Ply Retrofit over Existing Metal

Understanding the pros and cons of each option will help you choose the best one for your building. This post will give a detailed overview of the different metal roofing solutions, for your aged metal roofing and subtly highlight the benefits of metal retrofitting for older metal roofs.

Commercial Roof Services FL provides valuable insights into aged metal roofing and expert guidance for building owners with metal roofs.

Roof Coatings: A Budget-Friendly Solution for Minor Issues

The application of a protective coat is one of the best ways to address issues with metal roofs that are aging. Coating systems provide an extra layer of protection against the elements. They can help extend the life of your roof and address minor issues such as rust or small leaks.

The process of coating a metal roof involves cleaning the surface thoroughly, then applying a primer followed by a coating material. These materials adhere to metal surfaces, providing an airtight seal as well as increased resistance to weathering and corrosion. Many different coatings are available with different uses. There are many different coatings on the market, with different applications.

The Benefits of Coating

  • Coatings are the least expensive solution. They’re a great option for building owners who want to fix minor problems without spending a fortune.
  • The coating system is good for sealing minor leaks and preventing rust. It can also improve the performance of your roof.
  • Roof coatings can increase solar reflectivity: These coatings increase the roof’s reflectivity, which reduces energy costs and cooling costs.
  • It is good for extending the life of roofs with minor issues. Applying a protective coating can prolong the service life of metal roofs that are experiencing minor problems. This will delay the need for expensive repairs or replacement.

Cons of Coating

  • Warranty limitations: Coating warranties usually only cover the integrity of coatings themselves, and not the repairs of any leaks which may occur during warranty period.
  • Ineffectiveness in major leaks. Coating systems do not address issues like severe corrosion, large holes or damaged seams due to thermal movement. Alternative solutions may be needed for more serious problems.
  • Repeat coatings can have limited success: Over time, the adhesion of additional layers may decrease and there is a greater risk of failure.

Commercial and Industrial building owners who are looking for a cost-effective solution to minor issues with metal roofs may find coatings a viable alternative. It is important to understand the limitations of coatings, since they may not be able to address more serious problems or provide long-term protection for metal roofs that are aging.

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Remove and Replace – The Complete Overhaul

If your metal roof is in serious need of replacement due to widespread deterioration, structural damage, or other severe problems, it may be necessary to remove and replace the entire roofing system. This option involves removing the old metal roof, and installing a new metal roofing system. It offers a fresh start for your building and provides long-lasting protection.

It is important to plan and execute the process of replacing and removing a metal roofing system. You should also consider factors like building codes, insulation needs, and compatibility of existing structures.

The pros of Replace and Remove

  • New roofing system completely: This option offers a fresh start, as it replaces the old, damaged roofing materials by new, high quality metal panels.
  • Long-lasting: Metal roofing systems have a long service life and will protect your building for many years.
  • Solves major roof issues: The process of removing and replacing the roof can solve significant problems such as roofs that are severely deteriorated with compromised structural integrity.

Cons of Replace and Remove

  • It is usually the most costly solution. The cost to remove and replace a metal roofing system can be significant, making it the most expensive option for roofing.
  • Exposure to the weather: Your building will be exposed to the elements during the process of removal and replacement. This can disrupt ongoing operations.
  • The warranty on new metal roofs usually only covers the metal finish, not the leaks. Some weather-tight warranties are available, but not all.
  • Unsuitable for buildings that have ongoing operations or sensitive equipment: The disruption caused by the removal and replacement of old equipment may not be appropriate for buildings that have continuous operations.
  • No significant improvement to insulation or reflectivity: The new metal roof system does not generally offer a significant improvement in either insulation or reflectiveness compared to an existing roof.

This option is ideal for owners of commercial and industrial buildings who are experiencing severe metal roof problems that can’t be resolved by other, less intrusive solutions. This option is costly and disruptive but it offers a long-lasting fix that will ensure the protection and performance of your metal roof.

Metal Panel Retrofit: Maintain the metal aesthetic

A metal panel retrofit is a great option for building owners who want to maintain the look of their metal roofs while also addressing roofing problems. This option involves installing new metal panels over an existing metal roof to provide additional protection, without having to remove and replace the entire roof.

Metal panel retrofitting requires a careful assessment of existing roof structures, as well the design and installation of a new metal panel system that is compatible.

Metal Panel Retrofit: Pros and Cons

  • Metal panel retrofit systems maintain the appearance of metal roofs, which can be an important consideration for some building owners.
  • Metal panel retrofit systems offer a long service life and provide reliable protection to your building.
  • Retrofit metal panel systems are effective in addressing major roofing problems. These include leaks and damaged panels.
  • Metal panel retrofits are less expensive than metal replacements: They require less work and are typically more affordable. This makes them an attractive solution for building owners looking for cost-effective solutions.
  • Retrofitting does not expose your building to weather conditions.

Cons of Metal Panel Retrofit

  • Metal panel retrofits are still one of the most costly options. Although they may be less expensive than a full removal and replacement, it can still represent a substantial investment.
  • Installation of metal panels on roofs with complex designs or many penetrations can be difficult.
  • Some weathertight warranties are available but not all.
  • Retrofitting metal panels to an existing roof may not result in significant improvements for insulation or reflectivity.

Metal panel retrofits are a good option for building owners of commercial and industrial buildings who want to keep the aesthetic appeal of their metal roofs while also addressing roofing problems. This option is more expensive than other alternatives but it provides a long-lasting fix that maintains the aesthetic appeal and durability of your metal roof.

Membrane Retrofit: An All-Around Solution

A retrofit of a single-ply membrane might be the solution for building owners who are looking for a reliable and versatile solution to their metal roof issues. This option involves adding layers of insulation over an existing metal roof to create a smooth surface. The membrane is then applied on top of the roof.

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Membrane retrofit has many advantages

  • Solves most major roofing issues Membrane retrofit system is designed to solve various roofing problems including leaks and rust.
  • Roof leakage is covered by most membrane retrofit warranties. These warranties are usually non-dollar-limited and provide peace of mind to building owners.
  • Additional insulation options. The installation of membrane retrofit systems adds insulation on your roof, improving the energy efficiency of your building.
  • Enhanced reflectivity and emission: Choosing a white membrane to retrofit your roof can increase its reflectivity and emissions, potentially reducing your energy consumption and cooling cost.
  • Retrofitting your building will protect it from the weather during the installation process.
  • Seals roof penetrations effectively: Membrane retrofits are excellent at sealing roof penetrations and provide a watertight option for your building.

Cons of Membrane Retrofit

  • Costlier than coating: A membrane retrofit may be more affordable than a metal panel retrofit, but it’s still more costly than a simple coat solution.
  • Aesthetics may change for some building owners. If you are concerned about the aesthetics of your metal roof, a retrofit membrane could alter it.

A membrane retrofit can be a flexible, cost-effective solution to an old metal roof. The cost of a retrofit membrane may be higher than that of a coating. However, its benefits, including comprehensive warranty coverage, improved insulation, and increased reflectiveness, make it an investment worth making for many building owners.

Metal Roofing: The Right Choice for Your Roof

It is important for commercial and industrial property owners to address the problems associated with an old metal roof.

Choosing the right solution for your building is essential, especially if you have aged metal roofing. Each option comes with its own advantages and disadvantages, so it’s crucial to weigh these factors carefully.

Commercial Roof Services FL believes that metal retrofitting, especially membrane retrofit systems, offer an excellent balance between cost-effectiveness, long-lasting performance, and protection for aging roofs. It may not be the cheapest option, but the comprehensive coverage and improved insulation make it an excellent investment for many commercial building owners.

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